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A very special 4 of July

I'm writing from "washington rock park", in green brook, NJ
I'm here watching the end of the firework celebration of july 4th, 2010, for me this is a very special 4 of july.

This is not my first independence day firework. My first was back in 1990, when Stella (rest in peace) took her younger daughters, Melissa, Jennifer and Pamela to a 4th of july picnic at a park in the outskirts of Chicago. I'm not sure if she invited me or I invited myself :-), the thing is that I went along.
I still remember the hundreds of people, the countless blankets on the grass, the live music band, the food carts (yeah, I like food), and the stands selling chemical lights, blinking wands, american flags and pins.
This was also the first time I've seen such a wonderful firework display coordinated with the live music. Certainly something that I will never forget.

As I look around tonight, I can see new york, Staten Island and a few dozen NJ townships and most of them have set up their our fireworks, and while the are quite far away, the view is breath taking.

But this is certainly not the greatest firework show I've seen.
I think that the best one was back in 2005, when we (Nahuel, Nicolla, Paola, and me) drove 9 hours each way to spend independence weekend at the Niagara Falls.
That night was AMAZING, the number of fireworks, the music in the speakers (recorded music, but sounded really nice), and the illumination "coloring" the waterfalls was really nice. Laying there watching the show with friends by my side, and a drink on my hand, was really awesome.

I remember many other 7/4 celebrations, flipping burgers with friends, watching illegal fireworks, drinking beers on the porch, etc.

Yet, today is the most special one, because today is the first time I watch it as a US Citizen, today I'm celebrating MY country's birthday.
Happy birthday USA !!!!!



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