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Yes, it's my birthday.
The english word sound, to me, much better than it's spanish counterpart ("cumpleaños").
After all, that's what it is, a reminder of the day of birth, the same day of the year that you were born, not just "on other year on your back". To tell the truth, I do not really care about my age, for me the years are like my gray hairs, part of life.

Going back to the issue of the title, it has a double implication, it's not just my birthday, but also the birth day of this blogs. For one reason or another, I haven't entered this world before ... at the begining I was thinking that it was only for very special and very smart people that had important things to say, and later I was thinking to do it directly on my (forever unfinished) website.

This year I had it all planed, to launch on my birthday the finished website and a blog (hosted in Blogger, but crossposted to my site) ... but technology comploted against it and I was unable to finish the things I absolutely want to have in my website, so about 90% of what I've done so far will remain hidden for a while ... but I decided that I would at least launch this blog ... and ... well, here it is.

Those that know me well, can see that this is a very special birthday celebration for me ... or at least an uncommon one. Instead of the house full of friends until late hours and the famous "picadas MOK" (let me translate that as LOTs and LOTs of finger food), this year was a simple family reunion ... and, I must admit, I wasn't even planning to do that ... My plan was to sleep late on sunday, have breakfast in bed, and rest all day :-) .
But the family was not happy about it and, truth be told, I'm really glad that I had them over tonight.

They left a few minutes ago, and I decided that, before going to bed, I was going to make my "debut" in this new way of communication.

I will soon write again so you can know a bit more about me and my crazy ideas ...

Best regards to all,
Mariano, MarianOK, MOK



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