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Moving ...

I finally finish moving !

For those that didn't known I moved from the basement in North Plainfield,NJ to a nicer and larger room in Summit,NJ.

All of this before and after my trip to visit my sister and the family.

It's incredible what you can accumulate in 5 years in the same place, furniture, electronics, clothing (most of it no longer my size), papers, decorations, cleaning products (including personal and for laundry), etc.

I have moved all of it, and have mostly put everything, but I'm still not "at home", I still have to get settle in.

Ahhh, and "Advil" also has a new home, after years of both her and her predecessor ("the cafia") sleeping in the streets, she now has it's own covered parking to protect her from the snows that will soon fall.

Well, that's it for today !!! Best Regards to all !



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