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Category: Network Management Utilities
Operating System: Windows 95 or higher
Language: Visual Basic (5)
Date of Development: 1996
Development time: 4 months
Type of Development: Voluntary
In summary:

This application allows you to map one (or more) network drive based on the username of the user. 
This is something that in a NT can be easily done, but windows 95 is quite complicated.  


Windows 95 does not have the environment variable% username%, because of this, it is difficult to configure a network drive (it then appears as a network drive) in automatically.

The MAP_95 solves this problem. To connect one or more network drives with the name of the user just need to run the program. Of course, this can be done in different ways: in the login script, placing a shortcut in the Startup menu (Start) menu of Windows 95, or just running it 
The program can be configured to perform the work silently (no screen) or otherwise display a screen. 
If the screen display can be configured to display image (the Company logo, for example), and a text to be displayed (to disseminate any message, for example). 

Simple, fast, flexible and highly configurable.