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SACE: Sistema Automatico de Corrección de Examenes    (Automated Testing  Qualification Software)

Operating System:windows 95
Development time:2 months
Language:Visual Basic (5)
Date of Development:1994
Type of Development:A Measure
In summary:This program performs the administration and automatic Qualification of multiple choice exams.
Students complete the examination paper, which is then scanned and qualified through pattern recognition.

Basically, the system has 3 parts: 
1) Administration of tests: 
* Create the examens, 
* Defining the questions 
* Select the correct answers 
* Determine the relative score (positive or against) each option. 
* Print the blank tests and / or marked with the correct answers (manual Qualification grid).

2) Tests Qualification : 

Take image(s) of the Scanned exams and Qualify them based on the responses (correct and incorrect) and the relative weight of each (positive or against).

3) Stats: 
Produces statistics with test cuts, questions, college, course or student.