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SS: Pegasus

Pegasus SS

Category:Screen savers
Operating System:Windows 95 or higher
Language:Visual Basic (5)
Date of Development:1998
Development time:1 month
Type of Development:Voluntary

A complete screen saver inspired by the company I worked at that time.

Includes setup screen, Preview in Windows display properties, parameters of initiation.


Based on several pieces of code I found and a good bit of research on MSDN and TECHNET.

All functions of a professional SS (the setup screen, Preview screen in Windows properties, parameters of initiation).

6 different SS to choose from.

Option to display the desktop background of your screen saver (instead of the typical "black screen")


Some "heavy" (1.5 MB) because utilise BMP for graphics base.

The graphics are not my forte, so that motion effects are somewhat rudimentary.